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Many thanks to Nelson Suit of Inspokes for his super kind recognition of Echoes: Listening to the Voices in Spirited Trees in his Chocolate and Book Blog Tour! I’m humbled that my book’s down-to-earth connectedness is compared to Xocolatti’s exotic chocolate slates. Here is his mention:


In her book Echoes: Listening to the Voices in Spirited Trees,Michelina Docimo weaves together beautiful voices of individuals who discuss a range of topics from sustainable living to faith to community building. The stories are interwoven with meditations on an art exhibit created by artist Kathy Hirshon. Each of the voices is different, yet they are tied together by the individuals’ peculiar connectedness to trees, to nature. There’s an interview I did with Michelina and also a separate review ofEchoes (we received a free copy of Echoes for the review) on Inkspokes. On summer vacations at her grandparents’ farm in Italy: “I remember sneaking into the chicken coop, picking up hens to see if they had laid any eggs. I remember making masks out of grape leaves. And I remember leaving.”

Xocolatti logoFor the down-to-earth connectedness:  Xocolatti’s chocolate slates ~“very thin versions of chocolate bark with layers that recall slate rock” in exotic flavors such as mango and paprika with white chocolate

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